vTiger CTI


vTiger CTI provides all that you’d expect from a Computer Telephony Integration with any CRM!


Do you own a vTiger CRM and want an easy way to call and send SMS to your customers directly from the CRM? Want incoming call notifications in the CRM when a customer calls you and create a new ticket or update an existing ticket? We have a solution to your problems in the form of vTiger CTI.

Business Communication IFTTT Flows for vTiger CTI


Best CRM Phone Integration

vTiger Telephony provides best CRM Telephony Integration for managing your customer information and the communications with them.

Integration with Chatting system

Your chatting system can be integrated with the CRM provided the relevant API’s are available for integration.

Grant and revoke permissions to various users as desired

The administrator has all the rights and he/she can grant or revoke necessary permissions to different users of the system.

All notifications and records at one place

Get all the notifications and records from both the platforms at one place. Notifications in the form of popup or email.

Customized SMSes

Customized drop down for SMS templates lets you customize the SMS message to be sent, or you can also type an SMS message yourself.

Trigger predefined SMS based on an event

You might want to send an SMS after certain event eg. order place, call with an agent ends, etc you can do so in this CTI.

Follow up date and time

You can set up the date and time at which you want to call a particular customer for follow up and get a notification for the same on that date at that time.

Trouble ticket or lead generation based on calls and 3rd party social sites

Create new leads, support/ticket automatically in your CRM when a customer calls on your number using this vTiger Telephony


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