Pricing Terms and Conditions

You’re awesome!

Thanks for showing interest in our product! All our products are made with love and nurtured like a baby! By using our products, we are confident of increasing your business productivity. We leverage Cloud platforms to ensure scalability and robustness for our Products/ Customers.

Following is the information that will help you understand our pricing elements better:

  • We typically have a monthly recurring charge for all of our products.
  • In some cases, there may be a one time setup charge applicable which includes professional training, basic customization, coordination, installation inside of your system. For more details, please discuss with UMS Tech Labs Sales Engineering Team
  • Cloud Telephony Infrastructure cost will be additional.

Fair Usage Policy:

The web services for Integration with 3rd party services (like Exotel for example) are hosted by UMS on Google Platform. As part of monthly subscription Pay as you Go charge you get certain number of web service calls/ hits free per day as per fair usage policy. Additional hits are chargeable extra.


Refund Policy :

Please connect with our customer success engineering team via email ( or call on (+91) 022-307-70139. The customer success engineering team will validate the request and get back to you.


For Inquiry: 

Direct Gmail Compose Link:  Or you can fill up the form below.