Our Focus

UMS is a Google Cloud Partner for Technology (Build Engagement with Google Cloud) with a vertical focus on Google Technologies right from its inception. UMS is known as “MD Doctor” of Google Workspace and focuses on creating Google Workspace Addons especially where there is a gap/ limitation within Google Workspace.

With Super Specialization in Google Cloud, UMS offers valuable solutions on top of Google’s Products like Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite), Google Cloud Platform and Chromebooks. We’ve moved 10,00,000+ users to Google Suite across 2000+ customers with largest being about 3,00,000+ users.

We, at UMS, envision different ideas together to make our customers’ business easier using efficient and reliable cloud computing solutions. Our team majorly comprises of talented and specialized Engineers and we strongly believe in formulating a positive, productive and long-term relationship with our customers. Given this, our customers trust us not just for our products but rather keep consulting us for any Cloud Technologies – we’re often seen helping businesses that come to us build a clear and workable IT strategy for the future.

Working environment

Strong belief in People

Once said is considered as done.

Smart Office

Our Lights can be turned off/ on using our homemade Mobile App.

Wear what you want

Our company does not believe in dress codes, we all are free to wear whatever one wants to.

Free Culture

UMS has free and quick adaptable environment, where we can use Mobile phones and also can access social networking sites.


All UMSers work as a team without distinction between Seniors and Juniors. We all stand for each other at all good and bad times.


The best part of being a UMSer is we celebrate all the festivals at our office premises, which in turn helps to make a strong bond between us.

Nice People

The most important part of working in UMS is ‘The UMSers’. Though we all come from different environments we love every bit of each other and we always welcome newcomer with both our arm wide open.

Writeable Circular Tables

We’ve designed customized circular tables to enable easy collaboration. Our tables also work as white writing boards for our queries and key points while we work.

Amazing Office

With all glass partitions, our office exemplifies Transparency. Plus, being a technology company, we’ve invested in technology for everyday office chores.

Collaborative Environment

We at UMS practice to produce results in given time span and we all UMSers work in a collaborative environment that ultimately leads us to the team's success. We ask even silly questions without any hesitation, which gives us an open environment.

Approachable Management

The management in here believes that much of the success rests on the shoulders of those who all are working in UMS. So the management feels that it is very important to maintain a positive, productive relationship with all the UMSers and they always remain open and approachable.

XBOX with Motion Sensor

Our XBOX Room will provide you with this much-needed break when you want. We don’t let UMSers stick to their chairs and actually let them play while work which keeps them energetic and fit which in turn also helps them to focus more on their work without getting stressed.

Centralized Sound System

We are well equipped with a centralised sound system which enhances our office, you can play whatever you want to on your demand. This helps us maintain a cool environment and also keeps us in the mood for even the least monotonous work. Working while enjoying with entertainment is our best part

Agile Development

At UMS, we strongly use agile development techniques that allow us to adopt new technologies quickly and easily. As an example, many a time, Google announces a new technology like yesterday, and we’re already using it today. This empowers our team to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace.

Hell lot of Learning

Like mentioned above, all UMSers come from different backgrounds and have a differing pace of learning. However, in UMS, we make sure that all UMSers learn at their pace and get challenged at their level of proficiency. This makes sure that we all get maximum learning with minimum effort. The management ensures that each UMSer grows as an individual with learnings each day.

UMSers are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics


Ability to search for and find solutions in the documentation, backed by the belief that all problems in the code are discoverable


Ability to work through challenges and persevere when code breaks and tests fail

Growth Mindset

The Belief that intelligence is NOT a fixed entity, and can be boosted by hard work in the process of learning and practice