Base CRM CTI provides all that you’d expect from a Computer Telephony Integration with any CRM!


Do you own a Base CRM and wish to call your customer and send custom SMS from your CRM itself? Want an incoming call notification whenever a customer is calling for a new or existing lead? We have the solution to your problems in the form of Base CRM CTI for your sales & marketing team.

Business Communication IFTTT Flows for Base CRM CTI.


Best CRM Phone Integration

Base CRM Telephony provides best CRM Telephony Integration for managing your customer information and the communications with them.

Easy Lead Creation on calls

A new lead is created every time a CSR receives a call from a New Caller.CSR can edit the details of their lead during the call and agent can be assigned to these lead.

Incoming call Notification

When a Lead calls, a pop-up notification is shown in real-time within Base CRM CTI along with Customer Name and Phone Number if the call is from an Existing Customer.Inbound and Outbound calls get updated within the Call History section.

Integration with your website

New Leads can be created in your CRM when a customer fills up the enquiry form in your website or app.

Trigger Automated SMS

You can send customised SMS to your leads on receiving a call or as part of marketing. SMS can be sent on the click of a button.

Convenient for your agent to call your Customer from CRM itself

You can use “Click to call” feature which enables you to call your customer from your CRM itself.


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