Appointment Management App


Appointment Management App helps to manage your appointments efficiently using Google Sheets.
You can add details like Appointment ID, Appointment Date time, Customer Name, Customer Mobile Number, Consultant Name, Consultant Mobile Number and send appointment confirmation SMS message to both the parties via a simple click of a button from within the spreadsheet. The App will also send SMS message (and optionally email) reminder to both customer and Consultant about the appointment X mins/hrs before the appointment date and time.

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Do you fix and handle multiple appointments manually? Do you feel the need for an appointment manager app to manage your work with ease? Appointment Management App can help you solve your problem easily.

Business Communication IFTTT Flows for Appointment Management App


Accessibility and Usability

The Appointment Scheduling Software can be easily accessible through your mobile/ tablet and PC/ Mac. Allows shared access anytime anywhere. Easy to use. No training required

Timely notifications

Keeps both the parties informed about their appointments via SMS right from the confirmation of appointment upto the date and time of appointment.

Works with Google Drive

Integrated with your current workflow. No need for yet another system.


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