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The Phone mini-CRM App is a marriage of the CRM and Cloud Telephony which is literally made in the heavens! Using the Phone mini-CRM App, your CSRs can automate the process of scheduling call-backs to hot leads directly from their phone dial-pad.

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Phone mini-CRM App is a hassle-free way to manage leads, send emails and schedule follow-ups without using any kind of complicated web based CRM Systems. Using the Phone mini-CRM App, your Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) can schedule follow up calls or send out pre-composed template emails from their phones just after they speak to the Customer. Now they can get more done faster and more efficiently with our Phone mini-CRM App.

As soon as any lead registers on your landing page, the Phone mini-CRM app calls up one of your available CSRs and tells them the relevant information about the lead and immediately connects the call to the registering customer. As soon as the customer hangs up the call, the CSR can immediately update relevant information about the Customer directly into your CRM, but through just their phone dial-pad. The system also connects the CSR to the customer at the pre-scheduled time for follow-up calls or even send pre-composed template emails out to customers, all through the phone dial-pad.

Since all this information is neatly entered into the CRM system, the system can be easily monitored for its efficiency and can help you improve sales drastically without losing any leads whatsoever. Best of all – the entire information is stored automatically in an easy to use Google Sheet which anyone can understand at the backend.


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