Virtual EPABX


Imagine your customers connecting to your agent’s mobile directly through extension without the caller knowing their number. Also, storing their call details and call recording directly to the Cloud. Hassle-free EPABX system is designed to help connect to agents through extensions directly linked to their mobile numbers.
This cloud- based app is easily accessible from any part of the globe additionally, thus is extensible.


Do you own a call centre or a firm with multiple departments? Do your customer calls need to be diverted through departments to reach a particular person? Virtual EPABX system is a cloud-based PBX system that can help divert calls to the desired agent by using extensions.

Business Communication IFTTT Flow for Inbound call Virtual EPABX


This Virtual pbx system is an ideal best  Automated Phone Answering System For Small Business.

Best PBX software:

Virtual EPABX routes the calls directly to the mobile numbers of the agents through the extension selected. It also has the failover feature and it allows shared access with call tracking.

Cloud PBX works with Google Drive:

The EPABX system is integrated with your Google Sheets current workflow. There’s no need for yet another system!



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