Mail Recall


Recall delivered emails with x hrs/mins within your/ your sister-concern’s admin panel

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Using this Add-on, you can now recall emails sent to users within your organization’s multiple domains which are either within the same admin panel or within different admin panel owned by you or within your domain. You as an admin can cap the time within which sent emails can be recalled.

How it works :

  • Within the Gmail inbox, Users can open the email thread from which an email has to be recalled.  
  • On the right side, they will see all the emails they have sent in that particular email thread within the sidebar.
  • The email list in the sidebar will have some initial email content, sent date and time from which the User can decide which email has to be recalled.
  • They can further select a specific email that needs to be recalled from that thread, post which they would be asked for confirmation before proceeding with the recall.
  • Once confirmed the email will be recalled from the inbox of all the receipts within the user’s domain.
  • All recalled emails will be available under a label called ”Recalled emails”. This label will get auto-created if not present at the time of 1st recall request.
  • At the organizational level we can cap the time within which sent emails can be recalled.

Key features and benefits:

  • Recovers email from desktop and mobile UI as well. 
  • End-users are enabled to recall sent emails on their own. No need to ask an administrator for help to delete these emails.


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