Automated Telephonic Survey App


Automated Telephonic Survey App (ATSA) offers you the ability to take your surveys (outbound IVR Calls) from the phone directly to the cloud. The automated system will make calls on your behalf and record responses from the participants directly to the cloud.



Do you wish to conduct a survey for tasks like analysing customer satisfaction or do lead generation through an outbound call? Do you need an online survey software to conduct your survey? You can use ATSA which is an Automated Phone Calling System for initiating calls to a list of phone numbers (leads, prospects, customers).You can also send out automatic SMS messages instantly to your customers after the survey is completed. Furthermore, analyse the sentiment of respondents via Machine Learning and AI Models while doing automated Speech To Text.

Business Communication IFTTT Flows for Automated Telephonic Survey App (ATSA)


The simplicity of ATSA makes it one of the best lead generation tools in the industry

Use ATSA to conduct automated surveys

You can use ATSA as a Survey System to easily conduct your surveys and capture the responses of the surveyees

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Accessibility over any phone is ATSA’s biggest strength. Feedback from thousands of participants can be handled by the cloud based system in minutes as opposed to days in a conventional survey.
You can define unlimited questions and there is no restriction on the number of participants.

Smart IVR Polling

Instead of conducting manual offline surveys, conduct your surveys at the click of a button.

Total Security

The ATSA system harnesses the power of the Google to ensure total security of your collected data. Your data is yours only. It can never be stolen.

Dynamic Multilingual Greetings for Cloud Telephony provider

Play interactive greetings in the user’s preferred language by just recording the greetings and pasting the recording URL into the Google Sheet.

AI/ML based Speech To Text

Bulk convert Speech of respondents to Text and furthermore conduct Sentiment Analysis to judge overall sentiment of the survey (positive/ negative)

No need of a surveyor

You just need to initiate the survey and the survey is conducted for all the numbers in the Google Sheet with the predefined questions. No human intervention required to conduct the survey.


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