Mail Merge


Send high deliverability bulk personalized emails from your Gmail account via a single click.

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  • Google Sheet would be used to list all the email ids to which bulk personalized email has to be sent. The Google Sheet will also have dynamic column data which needs to be used for mail merge.
  • Users can compose an email (from within their Gmail interface) with the email subject, and email body along with dynamic parameter variables (in the required format). The composed email has to be saved in draft mode. To email-id should be kept blank.
  • The User will get an option to initiate a mail merge which will trigger personalized emails to the list present in Google Sheets and replace the dynamic parameter variables with the actual values from Google Sheets.
  • The dynamic parameter variable name should match the column header names from where dynamic content is to be picked. 
  • From email-id will be the email id for the user who has initiated the campaign. 
  • Only one Google account should be used to sign in per chrome browser profile for sending mail merge.
  • Against every contact within Google Sheets, a status will get updated as “Sent”.

Key features and benefits:

    1. Send bulk personalized emails from Gmail.
    2. Personalize the email subject and body with dynamic text 
    3. As emails are sent from your Google account they will reach your inbox, not in the promotion tab or spam folder.
    4. It’s very easy to run a campaign from Google Sheets
    5. The App will automatically split a large email list over a few days once the per day allowed limit from Google exceeds.


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